Our courses offer the flexibility of completing your licence online at a time that best suits or with with us in a traditional face to face classroom setting at our training room in Gold Coast City Marina. Call for bookings on 0402 413 423.

Personal Water Craft (PWC or Jet Ski) Licence

To gain a jet ski licence in Queensland, the following steps are completed.

1. Completing the online theory course.

The online theory course for the Recreational Marine Drivers Licence (boat) is completed at your own pace though our structured online learning software. Whether you’re a novice, have had previous experience on the water or would like to complete a refresher course, this course will provide you with the basic knowledge to safely manage a recreational vessel. Topics covered in the theory session include: Trip Planning, Navigation, Weather/Tides and Emergency Management.

2. Attend a practical training and assessment session.

On completion of the online theory course, the next step is to attend a practical training and assessment session. On the day of this session, students complete a written assessment which involves a 50 question multiple choice theory assessment (45mins to complete) with a 100% pass requirement. On successful completion of the written assessment, the practical training and assessment involves an on-water practical session which includes demonstration, practice and assessment of tasks. To be deemed competent, students must successfully complete all tasks to basic proficiency standard.

Some of the practical activities you will need to be competent in are:

• man overboard drill

• Safely approach a floating object

• port and starboard turn on and off the plane

• figure 8 manoeuvre on and off the plane

• berthing and unberthing

• general navigation and control of the ship

• operate at 6 knots or less.

As per Boatsafe requirements, once you have completed the online theory component, you have three months to complete the practical training and assessment day. If you don't book within this time frame your theory certificate will expire and the course will need to be completed again.

We encourage you to practice driving a boat with another licenced skipper before arriving at a BoatSafe course - you may not be competent in driving the boat in just one day.

Total cost of the jet ski licence is $275.

This fee is split into two payments. On registration of the online course $175 will be charged. The remaining payment of $100 is made on the day of your assessment.

Our Team Members

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Luke Stratton

Owner and principal trainer with over 20 years experience in training within the marine industry. Has a love of all things marine.



Classtime is a 6.5m rigid inflatable powered by a 150Hp Evinrude Etec. Surveryed for 9 persons in current AMSA 2C survey.

Seadoo Gti

Our training PWC is a seadoo 130Hp Gti 3 seater. With IBR and OPAS, this pwc is perfectly suited to the training environment.


BJ is a 4.5 Stessco side console powered by a 60 Hp Evinrude Etec. BJ is the perfect training vessel for the rivers and creeks such as Tallebudgera Creek.

Training Room

Our training room is based at Gold Coast City Marina in Coomera with direct access onto the Coomera Rivera and Southport Broadwater.

Why Us?

We offer the most comphrehensive boat and jet ski licence courses available to ensure your time on the water is safe.

Where We Are Right Now

Office #50, GCCM, 76-84 Waterway Dr, Coomera, 4209

Telephone 0402 413 423 • www.safeboating.com.au • info@safeboating.com.au

Upcoming Courses

Our courses run every week from a range of venues across the Gold Coast. For further course locations please make contact to arrange a session.

Boat and Jet Ski Licence Courses - Coomera

Every Friday/Saturday/Sunday

These sessions are conducted at our main training room located in Gold Coast City Marina in Coomera. These courses can be completed by either face to face sessions in the classroom or by completing the theory component of the course online. Practical sessions are conducted on the Coomera River which is perfectly suited training environment.

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Boat and Jet Ski Licence Courses - Tallebudgera Creek

Wednesday 3.30pm or Saturdays/Sundays

These sessions are conducted from our training room at Tallebudgera Creek. Courses completed at Tallebudgera Creek are typically done by completing the theory component of the course online although full face to face courses can be arranged. Practical sessions are conducted on the Tallebudgera Creek, Broadbeach Waters or on the Nerang River.

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